Promoting and Preserving Utah's Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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Welcome to the Utah Shooting Sports Council

Utah Shooting Sports Council

The Utah Shooting Sports Council is an all-volunteer grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Second Amendment civil rights in Utah. Our mission is to protect your right to own and use firearms for hunting, self-defense, collecting, recreational shooting and all other lawful purposes.

We are incorporated in the state of Utah and are served by a seven-person board of directors elected by the membership.

We operate as a kind of state-level NRA, lobbying the Utah Legislature on behalf of gun owners. We work closely with the NRA and other gun rights organizations on legislative issues at the state level.

Safe to Learn/Safe to Teach

SIGN UP TODAY for the USSC's "Safe to Learn/Safe to Teach" training event, to be held in Salt Lake City, UT, on Friday, Jan 3. Click here for more information.

Utah Is a Model for Safe Schools

PJMedia commentator Mike McDaniel calls out our state as a pattern for workable legislation: "The idea that teachers' guns will be stolen and misused, while possible, is hardly a reasonable argument for failing to protect lives: all of life is a matter of balancing benefits and risks. Fortunately, there is an experience model. Utah has for many years allowed teachers to carry handguns: there has not been a single instance of such misuse. Texas also allows it, and South Dakota has recently passed a law allowing on-campus concealed carry. Other states are considering legislation."

Read the whole article: "The Most Effective, Logical Solution: Arming School Staff"

Protect Our Neighborhood Elections

Read the new USSC Resolution on our neighborhood elections and then see for more information and to learn how you can help to Protect Our Neighborhood Elections.

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