2016 Legislative Results








H.B. 67



Weapons on Public Transportation

Rep. Norman Thurston

Sen. Allen Christensen

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

Eliminates the prohibition of carrying a firearm on a bus.

Lawful Commerce in Arms

Rep. Justin Fawson

Sen. Curtis Bramble

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

Prevents frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers when a criminal uses a gun to commit a crime.


Firearms Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools

Sen. Todd Weiler 

Rep. Daniel McCay

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

Creates a pilot program to provide instruction to certain public school students on firearms safety.

Concealed Firearms Amendments

Sen. David Hinkins

Killed by Governor

Commonsense Carry Bill - Will allow the carrying of concealed firearms without a permit while still retaining Utah's permit system for those desiring a permit.

Senate Leadership never brought this bill to the floor for a vote due to pressure from Governor Herbert.

We will be working to get this legislation passed next year.

Gun Owners Privacy Protection Act

Rep. Curt Oda


Federal law requires certain paperwork related to NFA transfers (transfers of items such as short-barreled rifles, suppressors, fully automatic firearms, etc.) be provided to an individual’s “chief law enforcement officer.” This bill will require that the chief law enforcement officer receiving such paperwork destroy those records 30 days after receiving them. This will prevent any type of backdoor state registration of NFA items.

This bill got a late start and time ran out.  We will be working to get this legislation passed next year.

Falsification of Information in a Protective Order Proceeding

Sen. Alvin Jackson

Rep. Brian Greene


Provides penalties for those knowingly falsifying material statements when seeking a protective order.  As someone under a protective order looses their gun rights while under the order, this bill will help gun owners from being placed under a protective order based on false information.

This bill passed in the Senate and died in the House.


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