2017 Legislative Results








H.B. 198



Concealed Carry Firearms Amendments

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee

Sen. Todd Weiler

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

HB 198 will create a provisional concealed carry permit for law-abiding individuals 18 to 20 years old.

Firearms Records Amendments

Rep. Val Potter

Sen. Peter Knudson

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

Requires that state law enforcement destroy any notifications they receive related to federal firearms transfers within 15 days and makes those notifications protected records. This bill will help prevent any kind of backdoor gun registration and maintain the privacy of gun owners.



HJR 11

Joint Resolution Calling for the Reform of International Traffic in Arms Regulations

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee

Sen. Lincoln Fillmore

Passed - Win for Gun Owners

This resolution urges Congress and the President to take action to undo the Obama Administration's scheme that sought to run gunsmiths out of business by ensnaring them under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

Firearms Amendments

Rep. Lee Perry

Sen. David Hinkins

Withdrawn by sponsor

This bill was designed to implement Commonsense Carry / permit-less carry in Utah. Commonsense Carry, also called constitutional carry or permit-less carry, would maintain Utah's concealed carry permit system but make obtaining a permit to carry concealed optional.

Firearms and Domestic Violence Modifications

Rep. Lee Perry

Sen. Curtis Bramble

Withdrawn by sponsor

H.B. 237 would have  removed one of the two restrictions currently in law that need to be repealed to enact permit-less carry, the open carry requirement. It would have left in place the restriction that the gun require two actions to fire. This remaining restriction would need to be removed in a future session. Representative Perry believed that a halfway measure was less likely to be vetoed by Governor Herbert and would move the ball forward on Commonsense Carry.  The USSC had to oppose this bill due to other negative aspects of the bill.

Duty to Retreat Amendments

Rep. Cory Maloy

Sen. Margaret Dayton

Stalled -  Time ran out in the session.

HB 259 would have strengthened Utah's Castle Doctrine. This bill would have made it so that failure to retreat when attacked could not have been introduced as evidence at a trial nor may it have been used by a trier of fact to consider whether a person acted reasonably.



Firearm Purchase Amendment

Rep. Paul Ray

Withdrawn by sponsor

This well-intentioned bill proposed elimination of background checks when law enforcement officers applied for a concealed carry permit or to purchase a firearm. The unintended consequences would have been to prevent any dealer from selling them a gun since federal law requires the background checks.

Domestic Violence -- Weapons Restrictions

Rep. Brian King

Sen. Deidre Henderson

Passed -  Loss for gun rights

The USSC supports strong punishment for domestic violence offenders. However, we oppose a lifetime loss of gun rights for misdemeanors. This bill results in such a loss of rights for certain domestic violence misdemeanors. Our feeling is that if a crime is so heinous that one deserves to lose their gun rights, that crime should be made a felony. The good news on this bill is that it does not expand on federal law; it simply incorporates federal law into state law. Anyone who commits any of the misdemeanor acts in the bill would have already lost their gun rights under federal law.



Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety

Rep. Norman Thurston

Sen. Stuart Adams

Passed - Loss for gun rights

The USSC does not condone drunk driving nor do we take a stand as to where the blood alcohol content should be set for a DUI. Our problem with this bill is that it inadvertently lowers the blood alcohol content (BAC) at which one is prohibited from carrying a dangerous weapon to .05. For many people this can be as little as one beer. The restriction will apply at all times and all places including your home. Having a hunting knife on your belt around the campfire after having a beer or two could get you arrested. A 100-pound woman who has one beer at a restaurant will be forced to walk to her car without even a taser for protection.

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