Permit-less Carry

Our number one priority pro-gun bill.

Commonsense Carry will allow those who are already legally carrying without permits to politely cover up their guns and load a round in the chamber.

COMMONSENSE – “Commonsense Carry” will leave Utah’s current permit system untouched and we expect most people will continue to obtain permits due to the advantages it offers such as the ability to carry in states that recognize Utah’s permit.

COMMONSENSE – Twelve states have already implemented “Commonsense Carry” legislation allowing people to carry concealed firearms without permits. Three other states allow it with some restrictions. “Commonsense Carry” is nothing new, and it is working in those states in which it has been implemented.

COMMONSENSE – In Utah the OPEN carrying of firearms in public without a permit has been legal for many years with no pattern of problems. “Commonsense Carry” will allow those people who are already open carrying without a permit to simply put a shirt or jacket over their gun.

COMMONSENSE – People have been carrying CONCEALED firearms without permits in Utah for years in areas such as private property, businesses, homes, and vehicles – all without a pattern of abuse or problem. “Commonsense Carry” will simply extend the ability to carry concealed without a permit to more public spaces.

COMMONSENSE – If “Commonsense Carry” becomes law it will still be illegal for criminals to carry guns. People who can legally carry a gun now will still be allowed to carry. Those currently prohibited from carrying now will still be prohibited from carrying.

COMMONSENSE – There are many people who have no desire to obtain a concealed carry permit who may suddenly find the need to carry, such as after a natural disaster, if they find they are being stalked, or they know protective orders offer no real protection. Utah concealed carry permits can take up to sixty days to be issued – time they may not have.

COMMONSENSE – Only a fraction of Utah gun owners have taken the mandated concealed carry training classes. The majority who have not received the mandated training are getting training of one form or another and are not causing any problems in Utah. Many of them are already legally carrying in their homes, vehicles, and private property . “Commonsense Carry” would simply extend their ability to carry concealed out to public places.

COMMONSENSE – The cost of a concealed carry permit, including mandated classes, is usually over $100.00. This places an undue burden on those in society who can least afford it: low income people, single mothers, and the unemployed.

COMMONSENSE – “Commonsense Carry” will maintain Utah’s background check system.

COMMONSENSE – “Commonsense Carry” will have no effect on the carrying of guns in schools. Those without permits will still be prohibited from carrying in schools.

COMMONSENSE – We do not require people to pay the government a fee and get a permission slip to exercise their right to vote, attend a house of worship, post to the internet, or join a group. We should not require it for people to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms and to protect themselves and their families.


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