Utah's 2021 Legislative Session starts January 19th and will end at  midnight Friday March 5th.

THANK YOU to all the USSC members and supporters, and other gun rights activists who showed up for hearings, sent emails or texts, or made calls last year!
YOU made things happen, and we need to do it again to protect gun rights in 2021.

So far, there are 12 gun-related bills for the 2021 Session, but more will probably be added.

BILL DETAILS-  Click on the bill number in the first column for full text and status.   This opens the official state page with full text of the bill.




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Armed Forces Amendments

Rep. Jeff Burton


Technical change to add the new "U.S. Space Force" in the Utah law with other service branches.
1/19- assigned to House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee

Conceal Carry Firearms Amendments

Rep. Walt Brooks


"Common Sense Carry." Any law abiding citizen who can legally carry a firearm openly can put on a jacket and conceal their legal firearm.

1/19- assigned to House Judiciary Committee

HB 61


Concealed Carry Exemption During State of Emergency

Rep. Cory Maloy


Suspends the need for a Conceaeled Weapons Permit during a declared emergency.
1/19- Assigned to House Rules Committee

HB 76


Firearm Preemption Amendments

Rep. Cory Maloy


Clarifies that Counties, cities, etc cannot make gun laws or require background checks not required by state law, and provides penalties for violations.
(Yes, this is a smack down of Salt Lake County's attempt to impose firearms restrictions by telling their contractor, who runs the county owned Mountain American Expo Center, to require gun show promoters to conduct universal background checks or they cannot rent the facility. Shame on the SL County Mayor Jenny Wilson and District Attorney Sim Gill for the clear violation of the intent of existing state law!)

1/19 Assigned to House Rules Committee

HB 101


Protected Persons Amendments

Rep. Andrew Stoddard


Specifies procedures for people who become prohibited from possession of a firearm to transfer ownership to a dealer, another individual who can legally own guns, or surrender to law enforcement for destruction.
1/19 Assigned to House Judiciary Committee

HB 200


Firearm Safe Harbor Amendments

Rep. Cory Maloy


Modifies provisions so that a gun owner or someone living with them can request police take a firearm for safe keeping if they believe anyone in the household may use it as a danger to self or others. And, that the police must return the firearm upon request by the owner.

1/19 Assigned to Rules Committee

HB 205


Universal Background Checks for Firearms Purchases

Rep. Brian King


The same old scheme to require every gun trnsf between individuals go through a FFL dealer, a the dealer's place of business, with no limit on fees to be charged. The ONLY use for universal background checks is to force all gun owners into a government database for eventual confiscation.
Criminals who fail existing dealer background checks are hardly ever prosecuted, so don't fall for the "this will keep criminal from getting guns" lie. Criminals steal guns or buy them from drug dealers or other illegal sources.

This is a classic "gun control/registration" scheme, not anything about "gun safety" or fighting crime.

1/19 Assigned to Rules Committee

HB 216


Firearms Amendments Provisional Permits

Rep. Karianne Lisonbee


Chnages to Provisional (emergency) Concealed Weapons permit applications and where carry.

SB 68


Law Enforcement Weapons Amendments

Sen. David Buxton


Requirements for law enforcement officer body cameras to include any firearm discharge.
1/19- Assigned to Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee



N/A Bill abandoned

Bill request only, no details released



Law Enforcement Weapons Use Amendments

Rep. Angela Romero

N/A Bill abandoned

Bill request only, no details released



Concealed Carry Permit Amendments

Rep. Candice Pierucci

N/A Bill abandoned

Bill request only, no details released



Gun-Free Zone Amendments

Sen. Steve Christiansen

N/A Bill abandoned

Bill request only, no details released

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