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Information About Legally Carrying a Concealed Self Defense Firearm in Utah

“Constitutional Carry” is here!
Effective May 5, 2021 is is legal for any UTAH RESIDENT who may legally purchase and possess a firearm to carry it concealed for self defense in the state of Utah, subject to certain restrictions on specific locations. Of course, all laws regarding when a gun may be used in self defense, and all liability for the consequences of firing a gun still apply.

BEFORE carrying a firearm for self defense, it is your responsibility to understand certain laws as well as basic firearms safety procedures, and the very serious consequences of using a firearm, even if totally justified and legal. There are also secondary issues, such as suicide prevention which should be considered. The following is provided as a public service to Utah residents considering Cnstituional Carry. This should not be considered as legal advice. Consult directly with a qualified legal advisor for official interpretations.

Note that under the new law, a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is NOT required by Utah residents to carry WITHIN the state of Utah, but a permit IS REQUIRED to carry in the 30+ states which recognize Utah permits, so USSC strongly recommends people take the required class and get a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit.

The Utah Shooting Sports Council is providing links to various resources on this subject for your use. These do not cover every possible topic, may contain some outdated or incorrect information, and do not take the place of actual classroom training, live fire shooting range experience, tactical training scenarios, or specialized legal advice. USSC strongly recommends everyone seek current information for their specific situation from qualified sources.

The items below are the beginning, not the end or total of what you should know.

The first item is general firearms safety information, courtesy of Dan Kidder, a Utah BCI certified instructor, covering material for an actual Utah Concealed Firearms Permit course.
** See note at bottom of this page for qualifications of Dan Kidder who made these videos.

The second item By Dan Kidder covers Utah’s firearms laws.
This may sound dull, but not knowing this can cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, fines, or jail time. It may also risk the loss of human life.

The two videos above include the “Minimum Training Curriculum for Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Courses” provided by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. Most people learn more easily from classroom type training, but those who rather read material can study this .pdf document.

One vitally important topic is firearm suicide prevention.
PLEASE take a few minutes and review this 15 slide .pdf presentation. It may save the life of someone you know.

Safety during contact with police is extremely important.
“Routine traffic stops” too often end up being used by criminals to ambush officers, so the police are justifiably on high alert and wary of any suspicious actions by the driver or passengers. The video below has some good advice on making a traffic stop safe for everyone. Having a permit makes the situation easiest, as you can hand it over with your drivers license. Since Utah has constitutional carry you can say “First, I would like to inform you I am carrying concealed. What would you like me to do?” Keep your hands in place on the steering wheel the whole time, until the officer give directions. If carrying on your person, you will likely be asked to SLOWLY get out of the vehicle and the officer will remove your firearm until the stop is over. Below are two videos showing examples.

CCW Traffic Stop (Armed & Feminine)

Concealed Carry During a Traffic Stop- Dos and Don’ts

This subject is also discussed by the NRA here. and by the Concealed Carry Society here.

Even after you review all the information on this page, there is much more to master before you are really prepared to carry a legal self defense firearm. Find a place to shoot, either an indoor range, an outdoor range, or a safe area where shooting is allowed on an informal basis. Practice with your firearm to master basic operation, accuracy, and safe presentation from where you will carry it.

Take the opportunity to review defensive shooting situations. Read the “Armed Citizen” reports from the NRA. View the “First Person Defender” videos on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk TV or others sources. These are especially helpful to develop the judgmental skills to determine if it is legal, safe or necessary to use deadly force in a situation. Things are often not what they seem, especially if you are not directly involved. Also, if you are confronted by more than one criminal, that is a more complex situation than 1 on 1 encounters. Watch the videos, don’t wait for a real-life situation!

Remember, having a legally carried self defense firearm does not give you any law enforcement powers, and it is not your job to chase down criminals. That sort of dangerous work is for police officers, not law abiding citizens. Remember, it is ILLEGAL to shoot at fleeing criminals, once you are no longer faced with the imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury.

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions about Constitutional Carry.

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** DAN KIDDER Background: “-Dan has more than 25 years of experience with firearms and defensive tactics. As a police officer in Upstate New York, and later as a United States Marine attached to Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), serving in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm, Dan has worked as a range safety officer for the National Rifle Association Headquarters range in Fairfax, VA, and is a Utah BCI Certified Instructor, an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor teaching the First Steps Pistol/Rifle Orientation Course and Basic Pistol/Rifle Shooting Course, as well as his acclaimed Hand to Hand Combat for Women. Dan serves as On Target’s Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor and oversees all courses and develops all curriculum and training offered by On Target. Additionally, Dan served as Communications Director for Georgia Congressman Michael Allen (MAC) Collins in his Washington, DC office and as Communications Director for several state and federal election campaigns. Dan is an ordained non-denominational Christian minister and Managing Editor of Sportsman’s News Magazine.
Dan operates On Target Defensive Training in Cedar City, UT.